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Oscar Grant took photo of Mehserle pointing taser at him before Mehserle drew gun and shot him in the back

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In the court hearing today regarding defense attorney Michael Rains’ motion to exclude Oscar Grant’s fiancé Sophina Mesa from testifying about Oscar Grant’s fear of tasers, it was discussed that Oscar Grant took a photo with his sister’s mobile phone of Johannes Mehserle’ pointing a taser at him. That photo taken by Oscar Grant on Chantay Moore’s mobile phone will be introduced as evidence in the trial. Mehserle’s taser confusion defense looks a lot less credible if during the two minutes he was on the platform he had pulled out his actual taser, pointed it at Oscar Grant, and put it back in its holster before he then drew his gun and shot Oscar Grant in the back.



Mehserle Trial: Jury seated, defense seeks to exclude video of shooting | Oakland Local

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What began as a two-day selection process ended today with eight women and four men being sworn in as jurors in the murder trial of Johannes Mehserle. The former transit officer is charged with the New Year’s Day 2009 killing of Oscar Grant III, 22, at an Oakland subway station.

The jury, composed of five Latina and three white woman and two Latino and two white men, will hear opening statements in the case on Thursday, June 10.


The complete jury questionnaire for the Mehserle trial

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Read it here.

Burris banned from talking to the media; defense wins another motion in Mehserle murder case

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LOS ANGELES — Attorney John Burris will not be a witness in the murder trial against former BART police Officer Johannes Mehserle, but he was banned from talking to the media about the case, a judge decided Tuesday.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Perry said Burris should be under a gag order in the case because he represents people who will be called to testify and his statements outside of court could create a “sideshow” to the criminal proceedings.

“I really don’t think he should be out there talking to the press,” Perry said. “The last thing I want is issues of public pronouncements that might impact the jury. We are trying to avoid sideshows in this trial.”